"Wow how do you leave your house lol" I don’t. We don’t. Your crude jokes about our illnesses and disabilities are not funny. Some of us cannot, do not, leave our houses. Nobody is laughing.

Read this, and then read it again. I’m sick and tired of times in my life I barely made it through being used as someone else’s hypothetical and unimaginable worst case scenario.

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Weird tho im the ‘original’ tita but i call my sister4 ‘tita’ and she calls me ‘nesie’

« i mean im both tita and nesie but u know » « siblings //// »

Nelsie Q aka Tita

« a nickname my dad uses! » « fathers in tags »

I forgot my ipod is engraved?

Thats where my mirror was. It took up a small portion of the wall

« look at messy gavetero tho lol »

GOOD news i took it down amd i feel like 5x better. My chest is still kinda tight but . Ya i feel better

« my room looks 2x smaller now but idc! »

Wait is it bad to take your mirror down and obscure it god oh god this is incredibly embarrassing i just. :(


Im gonna take my mirror down and go to bed all this stress is awful. i am a child

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