Lucky Star - Konata Izumi not to sound gay or anything but

I'm Nelsie and i like to eat garbage.

i'm demibigender!!!! she/her, he/him

its more like an expression like “well, you cant change things / stuff happens” etc

oooh!!!! i like this this is cool i like learning this thank u!! :DDD

let’s change va to vie and now it’s a sentence i think

its the va

i am making some serious progress thank u

cest le va

im living the true hsm experience

someone is singin barnie in the hall what is this

seeing screencaps of yowapeda is surreal because i dont ever remember the context and so all im left with is naruko on #fire and imaizumi looking disinterested to the right. anything could happen

the song was world domination how to. near the end of the chorus is where i roll the r for some reason but i think, it makes it more interesting

i also got used to rolling r’s by singing this one vocaloid song where it didnt roll the r but i manage to do it anyway. not on purpose i dont think it just happens

actually my #parents get away with not rolling r’s by giving a word with a spanish ‘j’. like arroz. they dont roll the r