I thought today was tgursday? Ass

« goodbkight »

Also i didnt realize how difficult it would to keep track of the ball when watching the vid. The ball is so tiny

« really its small bc of perspective but dang »


Today’s Gender of the day is: Pitbull at Walmart

« pitbull » « animal death jic »

Im not very patient with all the buffering for the vid but so far china was winning 7-6

« the set wasnt over tho so. 0-0 » « thats score for the set not an emoticon »

Im watching brazil vs china womens volleyball and i have no idea what language the commentators are speaking

« it might be portuguese »

What if i watch volleyball videos

« put my knowledge og volley to the test »

i did nothing exciting today how terrible

Holy crap i thought there was a person in my dining room wearing a long coat but there wasnt

why do i forget everything. why this
« i know the answer but. why me why this »
(from left to right) the loneliest people are the the kindest, the saddest people smile the brightest, the most damaged people are the wisest.


« cantivevo »